The sun is setting on St Martin

Today I took off from St Martin Airstrip for the last time. This tiny airport in the Sailors Cove tropics has been a landmark for years. By tomorrow, it will be gone with the rest of the Sailors Cove East regions.

A good and oldie for a good and oldie: EG's Falcon 2000 at St Martin. Photo: Ey Ren

St Martin always was a cool airstrip to me. With its odd angle towards sim crossings, you had to plan and maneuver well for a perfect landing. And once wheels were down there would usually not be many meters left to get the speed down and do the 90 degree turn towards the apron.

After I took over Sailors Cove East in 2012, we built a new small terminal building by the apron. Then we added the region Saint Kitts to the north. This offered a small extension of the St Martin tarmac, giving a little more parking and rezzing space. We also erected a small ATC shed for our relaxed and groovy air traffic bot controller, SLSM Resident. But the shape and angle of that twisted runway never changed, and has proven to be a challenge all these years.

"Sad to see this go, I launced my very first SL flight from here :("

Being the sentimental type, today I rezzed my good 'n old Falcon 2000 jet plane to fly out from St Martin a last time. As I prepared to board, I was messaged with a question about when the region would be gone. - Sad to see this go, I launced my very first SL flight from here, I was told. Indeed sad, but the memories live on. A toast for St Martin.

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