The Regional Express train will return

As we are preparing for the first phase of changes in the northern area of Second Norway, the rails for the regional express train will be removed. This means that it will take yet some time before the regional express is back on its rails.

The Second Norway Regional Express Train at Norge station. Photo: Ey Ren

The Second Norway railroad system has been treasured by both visitors and residents. Not many estates in SL can offer public transportation to all parts of their area! The regional express has been out of service for some weeks now due to technical difficulties. As we are now redoing a lot of the SN land mass, the most convenient thing to do is to remove the rails and rebuild the railroad once the dust has settled.

We are still not sure about exactly where the new regional express route will go, or to what extent. The only thing we know is that it will return, most likely with a larger coverage than before! So have no fear - the Second Norway regional train will return to a station near you.

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