Thank you for your patience and understanding

In most cases, finding solutions to problems requires a lot of research and plain hard work to get the overview and lay out the alternatives. But when people are waiting for answers, information is also vital - my huge pardons for not posting more information earlier.

As you can imagine, I have been using the five days since my last post to talk to a lot of people, crunch a lot of numbers and have been thinking through a lot of different scenarios and alternatives. Taking care of my day job is now a more important priority than ever, and those who know me are aware that I have some caring duties towards family members which takes a good portion of my daily time. So days have flown, for sure.

But during these days, I have been overwhelmed by the expression of sympathies. Deepest apologies to those not yet responded to. Not the least from residents and tenants who have all invested a lot of time and money into the existance of Second Norway and Sailor's Cove East. So - a big thank you, everyone, for your patience, support and understanding.

A lot of offers have been made to take over individual regions and estate parts, but since the eastern Blake Sea is a legacy from the United Sailing Sims project, ownership transfer is not a straight deal - and of course, I have to take the total picture into consideration at all times. Therefore, this is not just easy deals and will have to be worked through with care.

Again: Use your land and rentals safely and freely until the end of April.

It was actually not until today that I received my first claim for a refund on land lease. This from someone who thought that the value of Norwegian currency (NOK) versus the US Dollar was the only reason for all this to happen, and assumed that as the NOK strengthens I am back in business. The refund is demanded for land still at this person's disposal.

So, let me emphasize again - as a rule of thumb, expect all regions to exist as they are now until the end of April - with the exception for Kent Island, Walruss Cross, Keels Point and Gale Nook, as earlier mentioned. If rental payment objects are blocking your use as they expire, please contact me and we will get them out of the way until (hopefully) they can be reactivated.

One of the main reasons of keeping it all afloat through April is so that as many as possible could enjoy their Second Life through the period they have paid for and then some, while I researched the alternatives. If any other regions are subject to change before the end of the month, any questions regarding refunds will be dealt with in talks with those affected.

I made it clear already in my first post that my account has been unlocked for a while and the danger of regions suddenly disappearing was no longer imminent. Consequently, rezzing and using no-copy objects is just as safe as any day in SL until May, as most of you already have understood.

I should be able to issue a statement regarding the remaining Sailor's Cove regions in a day or two after this post, and everything regarding Second Norway should be clear during next week. Until then, enjoy holidays if you have them, and your Second Life. Again, I truly appreciate your patience and understanding which, with extremely few exceptions has been heartwarming and a huge support for me during this time.

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