Second Norway: Decisions are imminent

Again, time has passed with nothing more confirmed to inform about. But this is also in itself information, of course. A plan that could possibly save Second Norway has been laid and is now under review by different parties. Now it all depends on how this plan is received by those with something to say.

The eastern part of Blake Sea has already changed and will most likely change more. But how much, and to what extent, remains to be seen. Within a few days it will be decided if and how Second Norway continues to exist.

Last word may not have been said about what remains of the Sailor's Cove East area either. But even if the number of regions being continued there may change from now, this will from now on be Patrick Leavitt's area, as I have stated in an earlier post.

All focus is now on continuing Second Norway, hopefully with most of its known landmarks intact, but necessarily adjusted to be more sustainable than before. I will post again within a few days, as soon as decisions are made.

Feel free to explore the current Second Norway be it by boat, car or plane, as the area will remain for yet a couple of weeks before any visible changes are made.

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