Second Norway continues - and then some

I am relieved and happy to announce that owner of Luxory & Willowdale estates, Vanity Bonetto has agreed to take ownership of Second Norway. Linden Labs has agreed to the transfer of ownership and has informed the other Blake Sea owners today. I will continue as manager.

The Stave Church, Second Norway. Photo: JayDee Raymaker

Unless Linden Lab finds any reason to alter this plan, the transfer of ownership will happen on Friday April 24. Then we will have to do a lot of work doing an upgrade of the whole area. This will include some name changes to regions, landscaping according to a new design theme and also the move of the discontinued regions from Sailor's Cove East to become a part of SN.

Second Norway Lufthavn (SNO) will be continued

When we get the time table ready, more information will come on what will happen where. Second Norway Lufthavn (SNO) will be continued with me as airport manager. The aviation community - whose support has been heartwarming and extremely appreciated - will be invited to contribute actively to the redevelopment and continued existance of SNO.

The legacy content on the present Second Norway region (Bryggen, the stave church, etc) will remain. But all in all there will a large number of structural and landscaping changes which we will try to inform about as we go along. I hope that before long Mialinn, SlaYeR and me can invite people to fun nights in the SN club with DJs, quizes and general jibberish talk, just like in the old days.

I am sad to let go of the ownership of what has been a dear project of mine since 2008. But as things are, I am thrilled to see Second Norway survive and be developed by professionals. I am very confident in Vanity Bonetto and her ability to bring Second Norway onwards in a good way. We have had a lot of talks, and I am pleased to say we see eye to eye on all the important parts of this deal.

And to my joy, I will still be able to tag along and make sure that Second Norway will still be that unique and special Nordic part of Second Life. That is a lot more than I could hope for a few weeks ago. More info will follow during the upcoming weekend.

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