All good things must come to an end

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Blake Sea East changes

While my activity in Second Life never has been much about business, my personal situation no longer allows me to cover the ever growing deficit of keeping two large estates alive. During February and March, the spread of the corona virus led to a cut in vital sources of funding and things happened very fast. In the end I could not afford tier, and my account was put on hold.

My first action was to lock payment devices, preventing that people paid tier far ahead. Then I had to enter a dialogue with Linden Labs. Apologies for not getting good information out sooner.

It seems that the current corona crisis will have an impact on society a good while longer. Since I won't have the extra money to plow into SL, substantial changes will happen to Second Norway and Sailor's Cove East.

“No regions will be taken offline until May 2020.” (edit: almost none)

No regions will disappear from the estates during April. [Edit: A few regions in Sailor's Cove will be removed in the midst of April, see SCE status changes] Hence, the regions will still be there, although change of ownership may lead to changes when it comes to landscaping and content. This means that current residents can stay where they are until further notice is given.

Currently, there are talks with new owners, securing a good portion of the regions. Some more work has to be done to find the best possible solution. So far, Linden Labs has been very supportive and they have taken my account off hold. This enables me to work for an optimal solution, being able to come in-world.

What will happen next?

During the weeks ahead, I will try to find good ways to make as little as possible to disappear from these wonderful areas. But finally, I expect that a number of regions will just have to go. I can not longer afford to pay extra to keep these estates alive and must seek to keep finances in balance.

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