Sailor's Cove East down to 17 regions

Patrick Leavitt has graciously stepped up to take over a good portion of Sailor's Cove Eastas announced earlier. Today, Linden Labs processed the ticket, adding 24 regions to Patrick's two estates Sailor's Cove South and Sailor's Cove North.

Of the remaining 17 regions, four will be removed on April 13th. This is to avoid entanglement with Patrick's regions and allow for eventual expansion. These four regions are Kent Island, Walruss Cross, Keels Point and Gale Nook.

A lot of infrastructure and rental equipment will have to be replaced and change hands over the next couple of weeks as we help Patrick and his estate managers get in control over the areas. Tenants will be contacted and given info on how to proceed under new ownership.

Over the next couple of days I will launch offers for people who wants to do business on my remaining regions, both in Second Norway and what is left of Sailor's Cove East. Keep tuned in to this blog for more information.

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