One week's notice

I promised you no changes in April and one week's notice before anything major happened. Here is some information about what will happen in the near future. It all starts with me becoming, ah, I wonder if "simless" is a term?

First of all, let me take a moment to inform all friends of Sailor's Cove that Patrick has decided to also keep the regions of Sailors Cove and Fishers Island. I am extremely happy to see these regions with so much legacy content and SL history be continued!

Today, we submitted our requests to Linden Labs which will result in Vanity taking ownership of all of my regions. While they will still remain where they are for another week, all regions will now be in the Second Norway estate. This includes former Sailors Cove East regions which will eventually be moved up to become a part of Second Norway - with new names and looks, of course.

Our inital phase (Phase 1 on the map above) will be to do changes to the land layout in the northern part of SN. We have, however, decided to keep the general land form of the central south area, including the main town regions as well as the airport. Then we will move along with (re)developing the whole estate. Some changes will be to your liking and some won't. Now there's change for you. But we will still try to keep that unique Second Norway feeling.

What we will try to achieve is an updated look and feel when it comes to landscape, decoration and ground textures. With Vanity's professional team on the case, I am sure the results will be fantabulous. Then we will re-add the road and railroad structure bit by bit to fit in with the new layout. A lot of work ahead, but a lot of fun too, I hope!

So, just to sum up - next Thursday, on April 30 we will start changing things. The leftover regions in Sailors' Cove will be moved, redone and included in Second Norway. Also, we will do land changes in the northern part of SN. Before that, I will reach out to the residents of the Phase 1 area to agree on how we proceed through the change. I will also reopen the airport now, getting in contact with the current and former tenants to get the place back into action. Hopefully a good number of you will stay and/or come back to a renewed and more vibrant Second Norway.

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