No more Sailor's Cove East

After 24 of the Sailor's Cove East regions have been taken over by Patrick Leavitt and included into his estates, I regret to inform the final decision that none of my remaining 17 regions will be continued as a part of this area. This means that in effect, the Sailor's Cove East estate will no longer exist.

I recommend all resident and tenants of the remaining SCE to make contact with Patrick and his managers to see if favourable deals can be made in SC South/SC North. As stated before, no regions will go away without at least a week's notice - so please use the area, take snapshots and create memories while it still exists.

Patrick reached out to me with a request to not be competing with the regions he has already taken over. If we were to continue to exist with entangled estates, this would surely be challenging for both of our efforts to keep things afloat.

Although it is a rather tough emotional decision, it makes complete sense

So, to quote my response to Patrick: although it is a rather tough emotional decision, it makes complete sense. It was tempting to try and keep it as the part of a plan to survive with a presence in the eastern Blake Sea. But it would mean competing directly with you and we now need to cooperate to make this work. 

It is heartbreaking to see historical landmarks of SL and Blake Sea like the Sailor's Cove town and St. Martin go, but it is a question of anything at all.

It was early in August 2013 that I received a mail that Fanci was hospitalized and that she and Patrick has decided to try get Sailor's Cove over on the hands of other Blake Sea owners. It ended up with me and Mark/Nber dividing it into Sailor's Cove East and West respectively, enabling us to save the whole area.

It was with awe and a good bit of fear I took part in this bailout. Not only was it a heavy lift financially, but I would also be in charge of a legacy that many had an ownership to. I am only partially satisfied with how I have maintained this responsibility, but at least Sailor's Cove remained a complete area for over six more years.

Today, as I am the one in financial trouble, Patrick is the one who has come forward to take over some of the regions, and of course only been able to do this partially. But it is good to know that even if dear parts of the area will cease to exist, a good portion of it has "come home" to Patrick. I hope everyone will support his effort to keep the area alive and vibrant.

I will now have to focus entirely on saving what I can of Second Norway, if possible. I will know more during the first working days after Easter, and will make sure to update this blog.

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