Back to the Future

We have been here before, SlaYeR and I. Hauling railroad tracks, getting them in place. Laying warm asphalt on new stretches of road. As the basic terraforming of the northwest is now done, the (rail)road guys can move in, as we have done many times before. New land will emerge connected to the road network. This is sort of back to the future for us.

Due to labour union restrictions, SlaYeR's road construction had to pause at Scandinavia yesterday. Photo: Ey Ren

Second Norway has seen a lot of action the past couple of days. The excess regions from Sailors Cove East has been moved up and renamed to become a part of Second Norway, extending the estate eastwards. Some existing regions have been renamed as well. At the same time, the northwestern area of the estate, the "phase 1", is beginning to take form.

Former Kaupang is now SECOND NORWAY, site of the new land store. The central community region former known as Second Norway is now "Bryggen". The tracks for the new Central Regional railroad line is now in place. Before long, the regional express train will be back on tracks for the round trip of Bryggen east to SNO, SNO north to Norway Fjord, Norway Fjord west to Landet and then south to Bryggen again. At the same time, it will be possible to travel between Bryggen Sentralstasjon (central station) and the airport with the airport express train again.

Feel free to roam the area and watch the work in progress!

Following the railroad, the main road is also coming in place. From the main road route, residential land will be developed so that there will be a good variation to choose from: private islands only accessible by boat or parcels connected to the road system. Maybe with a railroad station nearby. Developing the northwest will probably take another week before the area is done to the last detail. In the meantime, feel free to roam the area and watch the work in progress!

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