A new dawn for Second Norway

New lands are emerging from the seas of north. Landscapes very familiar to us who live in the boreal region. The new Second Norway is beginning to take form, and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Logging in one early morning at Vikhavet. Photo: Ey Ren

I knew the work would start with the empty regions pretty early, so I logged in to check it out. And there was Zorah Zapatero, Second Norway's new land manager, in full work with streams, bridges, fir trees and coarse grass.

When the regions of this first phase are retextured and terraformed, comes the exciting process of finding out how to connect which regions with roads and railroad in a nice way. I am very impatient to get on with that as well.

This first phase will take about a week or so. As soon as locations and lease terms are set, it will be possible for people to move in.

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