24 SCE regions spoken for

A transfer ticket for 24 of the 45 Sailor's Cove East regions has been submitted today. Original co-founder of Sailor's Cove, Patrick Leavitt, has stepped up to ensure that over half of the estate continues to exist. The regions in question are:

SCE Tropics

Rhonde Island, Guadeloupe, Bimini, Bulia, Tiga, SpoonDrift, Cut Water, Racoon Cay, Anguilla, Bartlett Narrows

SCE New England

Quoddy Head, Plum Gut, Flat Hammock, Sugar Reef, Breakers Point, Race Rock

SCE North Woods

Bull Rock, Grand Manan Island, Swallow Tail, Gull Strait, Timber Wolf Island, Falconbridge, Orca Banks, South Fjord

Check out the more visual presentation on the SCE STATUS page.

Cover photo: The Runway at St Martin by Drewski Northman @ Flickr

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