Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Second Norway and Sailor's Cove East Changing?

Over the years, Ey Ren has been paying the equivalent of between USD5,000 and USD10,000 every year to keep these areas up and running. These funds were mainly from a part time business ran on the side of Ey's day time job. Come the corona crisis, this business had to cease, combined with a very weak Norwegian currency (NOK) towards USD and a rather moderate level of business over the past year to begin with. So, there simply was no extra money left to keep the estates subsidised the way they have been.

Why can't just anybody purchase regions in eastern Blake Sea?

This area was once called The Blake Sea Project. The private estates here were established under a charter with certain rules, amongst others to ensure that all areas would be left open for sailing, aviation and public exploration. Linden Labs does not allow new owners in this area, so transfer of region ownership can only be made between existing owners of the private estates in the eastern Blake Sea. Others can run business in this area by having a Blake Sea owner as the region landlord.